Have you ever gone to the doctors feeling symptomatic

and after examining you, they tell you everything is OK...

even when you know something is ‘off?’

Conventional medicine looks at diagnosing disease whereas functional medicine looks at physiological changes in our bodies and looks for where there might be the start of dysfunction. Remember, symptoms aren’t normal, they are our body’s way of saying something is wrong


Functional Health Coaching is a holistic way of looking at lab results to identify hidden stressors within the body, in the areas of immune function, digestion, detoxification, hormones and neural health. I look at functional labs, diet, sleep patterns, emotional/physical and chemical stressors to find hidden clues as to what might be causing your symptoms and what may be causing your immune system to fire. Our goal is to reduce inflammation and calm your immune system within your body.

We are not doctors and therefore do not diagnose or treat disease. We do, however look for opportunities to fill in the gaps and offer suggestions  to help to reduce inflammation and calm your immune system by looking at lab results for clues to hidden stressors.


How it works:

Schedule a 15 minute complimentary session to see if we are a good fit for each other. You will be asked to fill out some forms so I can understand your health history and current concerns.

I will send an HTMA test to you in the mail. You will collect a sample of hair (from the scalp) and weigh it on the enclosed scale from your collection kit. You will then submit your sample to TEI (in the enclosed envelope) and within 7-10 days I will receive your results.

We will set up a results & recommendation session to review your results, helping you understand your concerns and addressing them with our protocol.

You will receive meal planning suggestions, according to your blood type, makinge it easier to understand your body's make up.

Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ page for more answers about the consultation process, testing and payments.

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