It's Time To Take Out The T.R.A.S.H! This program is designed to help you gain more energy, avoid burnout, reduce stress and make you feel like YOU again. 


Your program includes:

  • Self-paced 5 week program
  • 1-hr HTMA Results and Recommendations session*
  • BONUS: Dumbbell workout for the busy person
  • BONUS: Meal Prepping Suggestions
  • BONUS: (Weeks 1-2) Meal Plan Suggestion to help you break the effects of sugar on your body
  • BONUS: (Weeks 3-5) Clean Eating Meal Plan Suggestions
  • BONUS: $25 Beautycounter Credit.  

A welcome letter and your BONUS items will be available immediately upon purchase in a ZIP file. If you don't have WinZip, you can download it here for free:


Your Self-paced 5-week program is delivered every Sunday directly to your inbox and includes:

Week 1: "T"  What are Toxins and how they play a part in how we feel
Week 2: "R" Identify Unhealthy Relationships, Rest
Week 3: "A" Adrenals (Stress and Work Life Balance)
Week 4: "S" Sugar Repair and Sensitivities
Week 5: "H" Heavy Metals- simple ways to eliminate heavy metal toxicity


*$57 HTMA test is not included in the price and is made payable directly to the lab

Light Cleaning Wellness Program


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